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  1. Stuart Weiss

    Am intrigued by your script and the choice made to bring the Harvey W. Wiley story to the screen. Am both a business man having been in the electrical construction industry for over a half-century an actor (SAG member) and sometime theatre director and producer. Having once been confronted with serious health problems as a young man (then under 50) turned to Yoga and an enlightened nutritionist who changed my eating habits, recommended weight training and helped me to end a common heart arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) that had plagued me. So standing here and approaching my eighth decade upon this earth. Read your article on Glen Beck and interested in reading your screenplay. Am not putting myself forward as a possible producer or sweetheart or angel your proposed film just curious about your script and interested in reading same to see how you have brought drama and energy to what seems
    at first glance a rather quiet intellectual struggle in retrospect. The question-how does this story pique the curiosity of a 21st century American audience? No question you can write, but a screenplay? Now that’s another story. Thanks Amanda Read!

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