The Author

Amanda Read Sheik is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Alabama who revels in investigating the roots of contemporary culture and politics and communicating her discoveries.

She toured the nation and the world as a military child, and upon her father’s retirement from the U.S. Army, she and her family (including eight siblings) have shaped their 22 acres of land in Northeast Alabama into a homestead known as Fair Hills Farm.

In 2004, her mother, Christine Read, discovered the fascinating history of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and the Pure Food and Drug Act of
1906 while doing personal research on nutrition.

After years of researching and writing, Amanda completed a full-length historical drama screenplay titled The Crusading Chemist in March 2008 and later completed a revision of it in January 2009. She is a homeschool graduate and in 2013 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in History and a minor in Political Science. She is Alabama’s 2016 James Madison Fellow, and graduated from Jacksonville State University in 2017 with a Master of Arts in History.

Contact Amanda Read Sheik at amanda[at]amandaread[dot]com.

Photography by Abigail Read.

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